Can structured or certain natural waters be of benefit to CFS

The issue of redox shifting as well as redox buffering in CFS appears of paramount importance. Cellular energy is critically dependent on redox and reduced energy fluctuations are dependent on proper redox buffering. In addition, many important viruses linked to CFS including herpes group viruses and the newly discovered retrovirus XMRV are likely very sensitive to the redox set point. At optimal redox set points, no viral replication is possible. These two concepts of viral activation and cellular energy as redox dependent makes attention to redox shifting of critical importance in CFS. It appears that certain types of water may be very useful in adjusting the redox state of CFS in a positive direction.

Results of stem cell therapy at 7 months in a family of three.

Three family members, mother, son and daughter, all with CFS, were evaluated recently in my clinic. They all became sick in Prague, the Czech Republic, on the mothers sabbatical LOA from her college teaching position after all had a chicken-pox like illness. They are all seven months out from stem cell therapy in Panama. They all have improved significantly following stem cell therapy with the daughter claiming a complete cure after 17 years of illness at the age of 29. She is the second stem cell patient claiming a complete cure and includes an unrelated 23 year old male patient, also 7 months out from stem cells. Both cures took at least 90 days to become manifest with the first thirty days exhibiting significant hypersomnolence and with little energy to do much and typical for all the CFS stem cell patients (N=13).

Vaccination – a complex decision with increasingly no good answer

It appears vaccine contamination risk will be a rising threat as we approach over 50 different vaccinations now recommended in children and now including the increased microbial contamination risk of cell associated vaccine manufacturing. In such vaccination decisions, one has to weigh the risk to benefit ratio of each vaccination including the multi-vaccine vaccinations in a particular individual at one moment in time. The longer view risk to the population of such aggressive vaccination programs is even murkier.

Curcumin – an herb for all seasons

Curcumin is a member of a class of complex biochemicals known as curcuminoids and the principal constituent of the spice known as turmeric and responsible for its yellow color. In turn, turmeric is the principal spice in common yellow curry powder which can contain many spices that vary widely among popular cuisines. Curcumin contains polyphenols that have significant medicinal properties and used historically in southeastern Asia and India and commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine. Turmeric is a perennial herb and member of the ginger family and native to tropical southeast Asia. Heavy curcumin use in India is thought to explain, in part, the low incidence of Alzheimers disease as it is anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant and promotes neurogenesis. It is also anti-bacterial and anti-viral as well as having anti-cancer properties and heavy metal chelation properties, especially iron.

Artemisins as therapy in CFS

Before we learned that Artesunate might inhibit XMRV via NF Kappa B inhibition in August of 2009, we were aware that Artesunate was a known inhibitor of all known human herpes viruses against which it has been tested as well as HIV. I was first introduced to Artesunate by a prominent Autism expert at a medical conference who finds it helpful in Autism. We were also impressed that Artesunate and its relative Wormwood, using SL administration on the echo table, produced the most powerful ablation of oxygen toxicity as well as the ablation of other echo terrain map (ETM) backflashes than any other therapy we have ever used. Both Artesunate and Wormwood will do this in 30 seconds.

The immunosuppression of ERV’s and XMRV – Is XMRV actually chronic Lyme disease?

Below is an interesting link to a thorough discussion on gammaretroviruses and the related human endogenous retroviruses ERV’s of which there are 2,000 ERV genes located on a single human chromosome. There are thousands of ERV’s spread across the entire human DNA grouped into 24 families. XMRV has 95% homology with human ERV’s. What is very interesting about ERV’s and likely true for XMRV is that they are TH1 immunosuppressive which is believed to be critical in the ability to get pregnant as the mother needs to be Th1 immunosuppressed to avoid rejection of the implanted fetus. The hormones of pregnancy and especially progesterone are in part responsible for activating env proteins of ERV’s which apparently are largely responsible for this immunosuppression. It is likely that progesterone activates XMRV env protein and may explain why we see women with more CFS at 4 to 1 over men and the apparent vulnerability of adolescent girls to CFS onset and the relative reduction of the point prevalence of CFS in the elderly and in children compared to the young to middle ages. I have also observed a reduction in severity of CFS symptoms in post-menopausal women though perhaps modulated by their use of HRT. The related hormones to progesterone are pregnenolone and cortisol. I have seen both devastate a handful of CFS cases.

Interpretation of XMRV Testing

Current testing, primarily by VIP Dx in Reno, gives three results. 1) Serum RT-PCR for viral RNA 2) Whole blood PCR for viral DNA and 3) Culture of human blood white cells which amplifies the infection to see it better and the most sensitive of the three tests, the most labor intensive and the most costly. Coming soon will be antibody testing including 4) IgG against common viral proteins and 5) Western blot (WB) which looks at the entire pattern of viral protein antibody expression which are present and considered the gold standard for confirming any direct detection of virus by PCR or RT-PCR testing which is subject to false positives. When IgG ELISA testing is available, there will likely be a contraction of standard testing to just serum RT-PCR and whole blood PCR and IgG if positive to confirm and perhaps IgG if negative to confirm any past infection which, of course in a retrovirus, is permanent infection of your DNA. There are other issues involving infectiousness and viral latency that are peculiar to retroviruses. Below is a fuller explanation.

Do retroviruses direct human evolution?

It is my sense that infectious RV’s and possibly Herpes Group viruses are universal “test” agents for cells they infect to see if they can buffer their redox state in the case of either an externally induced redox shift to a more oxidizing environment or internally produced by the viruses themselves as they have the machinery to do it. If they can overwhelm the redox buffer, they replicate rapidly and kill the cells which lytically explode releasing virions to try again in other cells. If you cannot control the redox buffer systemically, you die because such loss of buffer threatens the DNA and the species with it. Therefore, these endogenous viruses are the wolves culling out the weak sheep in the flock of humans who in turn face external environmental challenges that threaten their redox balance. By this method, these endogenous viruses and especially RV’s direct human evolution to some unknown end but they only allow the subset of humans who can properly defend their redox state to survive or procreate.

Immune correlates of XMRV or the lack of them

As for other immune aberrations, they abound in CFS and the literature is full of them. CFS is an immune activation state involving both innate and cognate immunity and it is quite easy to show something immunologically abnormal in any of these patients. The problem is non-specificity of these immune aberrations and the fact that they come and go over time as these patients evolve and adapt immunologically. The co-infections and co-morbidities also make this a real immunologic nightmare for high-specificity correlations to XMRV. Perhaps someone will come up with an immune marker for XMRV that is both sensitive and specific now that it is in our sights. However, even low CD4 is not sensitive and specific to HIV infection. CD4 is more sensitive to HIV-AIDS evolution but even here there is not complete specificity as NIAID has a non-HIV AIDS clinic with low CD4 counts filled with CFS.

Reaction to the seasonal flu shot – ? XMRV as a subplot

The possible presence of XMRV, especially if it resides in the brain which is very likely, could be activated by an immune activation state produced by immunotoxins such as VOC’s as well as influenza vaccines.