vitamin D

CFS and Vitamin D

There are increasingly divergent views on the use of Vitamin D in CFS. On the one hand, recent high profile publications (Holick M, NEJM) demonstrating the association of many different diseases including CFS with low serum vitamin D levels has provoked a sea change in the recommendation of Vitamin D supplementation with very aggressive supplementation being advocated and the normal range has been suddenly increased two-fold or more by commercial laboratories which is very suspect. Whether this association can in fact be linked to the ability to reverse or prevent such a large array of diseases by simply increasing Vitamin D intake is open for debate. On the other side of the debate are some observations by a minority of investigators that suggest that Vitamin D can worsen CFS and even advocate the elimination of Vitamin D from dietary supplementation and the reduction of sunlight exposure to further reduce Vitamin D.

Catabolism and Anabolism in respect to hormones

What is so interesting in CFS is that the body realizes that in favoring “catabolism” requires that there be immunosuppression lest there be too much oxidative stress and when favoring “anabolism” there can be immunactivation as the oxidative stress is under better control if you combine anabolism (aka NADPH and increased GSH) with immunoactivation. The exceptions appear to be estrogen and progesterone, at least on ETM, and my guess is that they are not as catabolically or anabolically active as Cortisol and DHEA, respectively, but are very immunoactive. What is not as clear to me is whether Vitamin D is “catabolic” and Melatonin is “anabolic”.

Hormones in CFS

Two opposing physician views see hormone problems in CFS like two trains passing in the night going in opposite directions to get to the same place. Some see a hormone problem in CFS and attack it with hormone therapy and believe that is the solution to CFS or at least beneficial. Others see a hormone problem as more of an adaptation to solve a deeper problem. Correcting or subverting this adaptation creates bigger problems down the road for CFS.

DHEA, Vitamin D and CFS

This post discusses the interaction of a putatively decoupled P450 system in CFS with Vitamin D and the use of DHEA to increase NADPH and re-couple P450 as observed by ETM