stem cell therapy

Review of stem cell therapy results as of September 2010

We are now almost 20 months out from the treatment with afterbirth derived stem cells of almost 25 CFS patients with 18 patients now out at least a year. There has clearly been dramatic success, especially in those under 35 years of age but a clearer picture is now emerging. Any success for those over sixty has been meager at best except perhaps briefly. More importantly, all stem cell responders which has been the great majority to date, are subject to varying degrees of regression, especially if they did not commit to our best anti-viral regime supported by all that we bring to bear in terms of broader CFS therapeutic support and recommended lifestyle changes in this practice. The majority of regressions are fortunately not back to baseline and most are holding above baseline and some are holding well above baseline. We have several ideas going forward and this important Newsletter post explores many of them

CFS venous blood gas (VBG) response to stem cells

This post examines dramatic changes seen in venous blood gases (VBG’s) following stem cell therapy in CFS which coincides clinically with improved skin turgor occurring with the first stem cell transfusion and continuing over time. Notable is the observation of improved skin turgor and “looking younger” which we get from many family members on observing the post-stem cell CFS cases. What is clear clinically is that they are having better microcirculation and you can see it in their faces.

Summary of stem cell therapeutic results through April 2010

We are now close to 20 CFS patients who have received stem cell transfusions primarily in Panama at SCI and coming up on 8 with 12-18 months of follow-up in June. We have three functional cures (KPS of 75-80) both clinically and by ETM, all under 36 years of age (N=3). A KPS of 75 means they can work full time with accommodation and 80 means they can work full time without accommodation in their job of choice. All three started at KPS’s of 50(2) to 60(1). Two of these functional cures have been sick for almost 20 years, one for 8 years, two are male and one is female. By summer, I hope to be in a position to publish the overall results at one year of follow-up. The early effects following stem cell transfusions are not that impressive functionally until about three to six months out, earlier for those under 40 and later for those over 40. All, however, show significant……

Results of stem cell therapy at 7 months in a family of three.

Three family members, mother, son and daughter, all with CFS, were evaluated recently in my clinic. They all became sick in Prague, the Czech Republic, on the mothers sabbatical LOA from her college teaching position after all had a chicken-pox like illness. They are all seven months out from stem cell therapy in Panama. They all have improved significantly following stem cell therapy with the daughter claiming a complete cure after 17 years of illness at the age of 29. She is the second stem cell patient claiming a complete cure and includes an unrelated 23 year old male patient, also 7 months out from stem cells. Both cures took at least 90 days to become manifest with the first thirty days exhibiting significant hypersomnolence and with little energy to do much and typical for all the CFS stem cell patients (N=13).

Stem Cells Update – May 2009

As of May 2009, we have now evaluated two post-stem cell patients, now three months out from their afterbirth derived stem cell transfusions in February 2009. Below is a summary of their findings through February 2009.

Antibiotics in CFS

To me, CFS is best viewed as a very complex terrain issue and that microbes are simply taking advantage of this fact so that reductionism to drugs or pharmaceuticals directed against single agents or pathways will be a poor therapeutic choice except perhaps early in the illness and in the occasional patient who is much less complex.