Oxygen Toxicity

Artemisins as therapy in CFS

Before we learned that Artesunate might inhibit XMRV via NF Kappa B inhibition in August of 2009, we were aware that Artesunate was a known inhibitor of all known human herpes viruses against which it has been tested as well as HIV. I was first introduced to Artesunate by a prominent Autism expert at a medical conference who finds it helpful in Autism. We were also impressed that Artesunate and its relative Wormwood, using SL administration on the echo table, produced the most powerful ablation of oxygen toxicity as well as the ablation of other echo terrain map (ETM) backflashes than any other therapy we have ever used. Both Artesunate and Wormwood will do this in 30 seconds.

XMRV and its intracellular toxicity based on redox shifts

There are ways that retroviruses can impact the cell the I believe are especially important to CFS and data exists to support these assertions both in the literature (see below) and in such findings as low SOD and GPx in CFS and provides a mechanism to explain oxygen toxicity by ETM which is nearly universal in CFS.

Stem Cells Update – May 2009

As of May 2009, we have now evaluated two post-stem cell patients, now three months out from their afterbirth derived stem cell transfusions in February 2009. Below is a summary of their findings through February 2009.

Onset dates of CFS in the Cheney Clinic

Attached below is data abstracted from my current clinic CFS patient population (N=126) that looks at onset date. This looks just like data from my Charlotte practice 15 years ago which showed the peak production year of 1987. It remains the same and suggests CFS is largely a new disorder erupting out of a low level baseline that existed prior to 1980.

Oxidized Glutathione, PFO and Modafinil in CFS

This discussion presents data on two patients who bring out several interesting features of CFS including problems in the handling of glutathione, poor oxygen transfer off hemoglobin into the cells, PFO with increased risk of brain micro-infarcts and migraine and the effects of Type II AODM on CFS. Also presented are the effects both positive and negative of certain commonly used drugs including modafinil, hydrocodone and benzodiazepines.