Vitamin E preparations – an issue of manufacturing and processing

I have tested a patient’s response to various vitamin E preparations on the ETM plus a typical array of nutrients that are standard practice in my clinic – Methyl-B12, Hydroxy-B12, Glucose, Fructose, Olive Oil and Fish Oil. The last six always show this kind of response in CFS but not in controls who are all positive for these six except Fructose which can be mixed in controls. CoQ-10 response can be mixed positive or negative in CFS but positive in controls. The historical variance for IVRT testing is plus or minus 1% and IVRT is measured three times and averaged. IVRT is an indirect measure of the free energy in the heart myocardial cells. Positive is good and negative is bad as it indicates a loss of free energy. These immediate responses in IVRT over a few minutes may or may not reflect later effects over time but are rather more useful to detect immediate positive or negative effects. Later effects can also be monitored but requires sequential testing over months of many patients on the same nutrient. This had only been done for a few items we currently use in therapy.

Hormones in CFS

Two opposing physician views see hormone problems in CFS like two trains passing in the night going in opposite directions to get to the same place. Some see a hormone problem in CFS and attack it with hormone therapy and believe that is the solution to CFS or at least beneficial. Others see a hormone problem as more of an adaptation to solve a deeper problem. Correcting or subverting this adaptation creates bigger problems down the road for CFS.

Cell Signaling Factors- Clinical Strategies Update-April 2009

This treatment update discusses the uses and various strategies to improve the effectiveness of cell signaling factors based on actual clinical examples and patient experiences. Both positive and negative results are discussed and practical solutions to improve outcomes are detailed.