Review of stem cell therapy results as of September 2010

We are now almost 20 months out from the treatment with afterbirth derived stem cells of almost 25 CFS patients with 18 patients now out at least a year. There has clearly been dramatic success, especially in those under 35 years of age but a clearer picture is now emerging. Any success for those over sixty has been meager at best except perhaps briefly. More importantly, all stem cell responders which has been the great majority to date, are subject to varying degrees of regression, especially if they did not commit to our best anti-viral regime supported by all that we bring to bear in terms of broader CFS therapeutic support and recommended lifestyle changes in this practice. The majority of regressions are fortunately not back to baseline and most are holding above baseline and some are holding well above baseline. We have several ideas going forward and this important Newsletter post explores many of them

Artemisins as therapy in CFS

Before we learned that Artesunate might inhibit XMRV via NF Kappa B inhibition in August of 2009, we were aware that Artesunate was a known inhibitor of all known human herpes viruses against which it has been tested as well as HIV. I was first introduced to Artesunate by a prominent Autism expert at a medical conference who finds it helpful in Autism. We were also impressed that Artesunate and its relative Wormwood, using SL administration on the echo table, produced the most powerful ablation of oxygen toxicity as well as the ablation of other echo terrain map (ETM) backflashes than any other therapy we have ever used. Both Artesunate and Wormwood will do this in 30 seconds.

Cell Signaling Factors- Clinical Strategies Update-April 2009

This treatment update discusses the uses and various strategies to improve the effectiveness of cell signaling factors based on actual clinical examples and patient experiences. Both positive and negative results are discussed and practical solutions to improve outcomes are detailed.

Artesunate Complications

This discussion explores the potential complications of Artesunate with two examples cited in patients.

Oxidative Therapies vs. Anti-Oxidative Therapies

In this discussion, Dr. Cheney explores the opposite approaches of anti-oxidative vs. pro-oxidative therapies. It is important to recognize that both may be useful but in the highly oxidizing environment of CFS, one may be more appropriate than the other and much safer.