Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many patients have you seen and treated with CFS?
A: Over 8,000 since 1984.

Q: Can I bring a relative or friend with me and be involve in my evaluation
A: Yes. We strongly encourage it.

Q: How many patients have you cured with CFS?
A: We are not sure we cure anyone with CFS. If cure comes, we think patients cure themselves. We assist that process and prevent missteps that lessen the chances for cure.

Q: How much does insurance cover?
A: Usually not much. It depends on the carrier and your past experience with them regarding coverage for CFS. We have had insurance carriers pay every dime we charged, but this is rare.

Most carriers pay at some level for our services but many pay nothing. We cannot schedule an appointment for a patient who requires insurance coverage but expects no reimbursement.

Q: Do you see Medicare patients?
A: We do, but they must sign a waiver that Medicare will pay nothing for the visit. The same applies for Medicaid.

Q: Can I audio tape or video tape my visit?
A: Yes. We encourage it.

Q: Can you help patients with CFS?
A: While most patients feel we have helped them, some are not helped, or only marginally helped. What we do best is help patients better understand their illness, empower them, help them adapt to it and prevent missteps and blunders that worsen it.

Q: Can you assist in disability adjudication for CFS?
A: Yes. We do this as well or better than anyone in the country, and have done it longer than anyone in the country. Remember, though, that in regards to disability adjudication, it is the data that speaks and ultimately determines success or failure, not the clinic or the attorney. Our job is to produce the data and defend it medically. Your attorneyís job is to present the data effectively in a legal setting.

Q: Will I be comfortable in your clinic? Can I lie down?
A: We designed the clinic for comfort. Recumbent chairs are available, and patients can take breaks. Tables and couches to lie down on are also available.

Q: How often will I have to be seen to remain a patient?
A: At least once a year. Twice per year is the most cost effective. The best results are seen with quarterly visits or at least quarterly phone call visits.