Audio-Visual Presentations

Stem Cell Therapy

In this 4 minute audio-visual presentation, Dr. Cheney discusses his work in the area of stem cell therapy in CFS and why it may be the most powerful next step in a series of steps in the treatment and management of CFS.

The concept of Redox Equilibrium or Redox State

In this 6 minute audio-visual presentation, Dr. Cheney discusses the important concept of redox equilibrium which underlies the cells energetic potential and controls every aspect of cell function. Redox sometimes refers to reduction-oxidation reactions that underlie the transfer of electrons but it also represent a chemical state of being suggested by the term redox equilibrium or the redox state. The movement from a reduced chemical form to an oxidized chemical form allows for the generation of useful energy molecules that store energy like a battery. In this sense, redox refers to the generation of useful energy to do the work of the cell. In a deeper meaning, however, the redox equilibrium set point controls cellular energetic potential and can be perturbed in various ways that can cause significant problems in the cell and can control many pathologic forces in the cell and disrupts its function and can even kill the cell and harm the larger organism. Dr. Cheney discuses the redox equilibrium state and how it may be perturbed in CFS to produce both a low energy problem as well as fertile ground for intracellular microbial replication such as viruses.

Oxygen Toxicity

In this 10 minute presentation, Dr. Cheney discusses the novel concept of oxygen toxicity as it applies to CFS. He describes how this near universal feature of CFS was discovered, how it is detected by echocardiography and what it may mean to our understanding of what is going on in CFS and what might be driving the deepest and core problem of CFS.

Introduction to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In this 17 minute audio-visual presentation. Dr. Cheney introduces CFS. He discusses the key clinical presentation features, formal diagnosis, physical findings, issues of causality, treatment approaches and prognosis.


In this 10 minute audio-visual presentation, Dr. Cheney discusses his use of echocardiography in CFS and moves the listener through his evolving understanding of diastolic dysfunction as it relates to underlying cellular free energy in CFS and the use of echocardiography to create an energy related terrain map or ETM with powerful diagnostic and treatment follow-up potential. Finally, Dr. Cheney discusses the usefulness of echocardiography by probing with various interventions in real time and watching their effects on cellular free energy or the cellular redox state to help create a larger and more integrated view of CFS pathophysiology.

The Diagnosis of CFS

In this 5 minute audio-visual presentation, Dr. Cheney discusses the clinical and operational diagnosis of CFS and in so doing draws from his over 25 years of experience in interviewing, examining and listening to almost ten thousand cases of CFS and a few without CFS. There is very little and perhaps nothing in the field of CFS that he has not seen or heard at least once.

Key Physical Exam Findings in CFS

Dr. Cheney discusses in this 10 minute presentation three of the most common and one of the most relevant physical exam findings found in CFS including abnormalities in the vestibular examination, the deep tendon reflexes of the lower extemity and the special finding of poor desaturation after a prolonged end-expiratory breath hold suggesting a prominent left shift on the oxygen hemoglobin desaturation curve in the great majority of CFS patients. A small minority show evidence of a right shift with excessive desaturation on prolonged breath-hold and also have evidence of chronic hypoxia.

Cell Signaling Factor Therapy

This six minute audio-visual presentation by Dr. Cheney describes the background and development of Cell Signaling Factors (CSF’s) in the treatment for and diagnosis of CFS using ETM.

About Dr. Cheney

Dr. Cheney discusses his background and the philosophy that influences his approach to CFS. This is an audio-visual discussion by Dr. Cheney of 6 minutes duration which goes into his educational and experiential background that informs his thinking and treatment philosophy about CFS.