Detection of XMRV in well described and consecutive CFS cases

I have reviewed the recently returned serology data from VIP Dx. Of the 22 CFS patients returned with serology results to date, 2 out of 3 or 67% were reported positive who previously had been negative by PCR/culture. 8 were from the 12 reported as negative by PCR/culture using the LNCaP permissive cell line in the 47 consecutive Cheney Clinic case study done in late 2009. Of the eight, four were seropositive and four were seronegative. An additional four are either not returned as yet or a request for repeat was made (indeterminate). On the four reported as seronegative, one is part of a multi-member family in which all except this patient who is also the sickest are XMRV PCR/culture positive. One of the indeterminantes is also in this multi-member XMRV positive family category.

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