Review of stem cell therapy results as of September 2010 – a public anouncement

We are now almost 20 months out from the treatment with afterbirth derived stem cells of almost 25 CFS patients with 18 patients now out at least a year.  There has clearly been dramatic success, especially in those under 35 years of age but a clearer picture is now emerging.  Any success for those over sixty has been meager at best except perhaps briefly. More importantly, all stem cell responders which has been the great majority to date, are subject to varying degrees of regression, especially if they did not commit to our best anti-viral regime supported by all that we bring to bear in terms of broader CFS therapeutic support and recommended lifestyle changes in this practice.  The majority of regressions are fortunately not back to baseline and most are holding above baseline and some are holding well above baseline.  We have several ideas going forward and this important post explores many of them though available only to Cheney Research subscribers.