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Join today and gain immediate access to the most in-depth Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) information portal on the Internet! offers incisive presentations of the latest research conducted at The Cheney Clinic. Having helped spearhead the first published epidemic of CFS in the US more than 25 years ago, Dr. Paul Cheney, MD PhD, continues to be at the forefront of cutting-edge research elucidating the etiology of the disorder. On CheneyResearch Dr. Cheney discusses this research as well as his therapeutic protocols. A subscription to CheneyResearch opens a window into Dr. Cheney's most current research and thoughts on CFS, as well his insights on the findings of other researchers in the field. Discussions and information are provided in both written and video formats and are available only to subscribers.

“He’s just the most brilliant man. He’s so passionate. He’s so dedicated. He’s dedicated his life to helping us.”

— S.S., Dallas, TX, USA

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Leading in CFS Research…

Dr. Paul R. Cheney M.D., Ph.D.

For over 25 years, Dr. Paul Cheney has pioneered clinical research in CFS. He has lectured around the world on CFS and is an internationally recognized authority on the subject. He has published over 35 articles in peer-reviewed medical journals including two landmark studies in the Annals of Internal Medicine (1992) and Clin Inf Dis (1994). Read more on Dr. Paul Cheney.

The Cheney Clinic

The Cheney Clinic was established in February 1990 and was located in Charlotte, NC for its first ten years. In 2001 it moved to its present location in Asheville, North Carolina in beautiful western mountains half a mile above sea level. The clinic sees only patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). It has served over 8,000 patients from 48 states and 24 foreign countries.

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Dr. Cheney’s most recent lectures with powerpoint slides and audiocasts of these lectures.


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Updates on the progress and results of clinical protocols used by Dr. Cheney.


Scientific abstracts published or presented by Dr. Cheney.

What people are saying…

“Dr. Cheney is the best-informed doctor that I’ve ever come across for this illness.”

— C.E., Columbus, OH, USA

“Dr. Cheney has devoted the last 25 years of his professional life to this illness in all its variations, versus someone who is either shooting from the hip or new at it, and that’s a big difference.”

— K.A., Ann Arbor, MI, USA

“Dr. Cheney is the most brilliant man I have ever met, and probably the most knowledgeable doctor treating CFS. He’s this unique threefold combination that I’ve never encountered elsewhere, and I know quite a bit about other CFS specialists.

He’s a phenomenal clinician, a fantastic researcher, and has a passionate love for teaching and educating his patients. Clinician, researcher and teacher — you get all three with Dr. Cheney.”

— S.S., Dallas, TX, USA